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Pinecrest, Florida is a beautiful area surrounded by an active community and a wonderful landscape. It is located in Miami-Dade County and is not far off from the big city. It is a slice of heaven where people can go to take in the sunshine and live a comfortable life.

The town of Pinecrest has been around for a while. In the 1930’s Pine Crest became a popular destination for tourists because of Parrot Bay. It was 20 acres of land in which exotic birds could roam free. It attracted thousands of people every year including Winston Churchill. In 2002, Parrot Bay moved to another location in Miami and the land was transformed into a beautiful park.

Since 1996 there has been massive renovations done to enhance the beauty of the area. There have been roads repaved to make for a smooth ride wherever you go. There have been thousands of trees planted to go green and help the environment. There have been parks built and summer camp programs have been created. There is even a solid public transportation system called the Metro Bus which is part of the Miami Metro Rail.
The parks in the area are a staple point of the Pinecrest, FL community. These parks include Flagler Grove Park and the Community Center at Pinecrest Gardens, formerly known as Parrot Bay. Aside from summer camps being held here, they also host countless events. You can spend your Sunday at the fine arts festival, take your kids to arts and crafts, or maybe just go hang out at the fine chocolate and food show. There are meetings held very frequently as the Pinecrest community is always looking to bring more fun events.

Pinecrest is also a great place to buy a home for so many reasons. Not only do they have an active community, they have great schools and a diverse group of people to enrich the culture and add new life to Pinecrest.
Real estate in Pinecrest, FL is filled with countless different homes that can suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a lavish home on the water or a modest apartment, Pinecrest has it for you. Make today the day you join the beautiful community of Pinecrest and enjoy your time in the lovely town.

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